Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple: the purpose of art is to reveal beauty. 
Art, for us, is a beneficent force. Uncovering beauty and truth, art as we see it sidesteps the modern idea of art as social critic,instead revealing the light waiting to shine through so close to the surface; the radiance of the world around us. It's not that we wear rose-tinted glasses, it's rather that we don't feel the need for them. 
We are free, and we are open. Our interests are unbound to any list; taking a lead from a gut feeling, one of us might grab the camera and head off in the direction of hills, a market, a river. Another time, we find ourselves enthralled by the strength and persistence of an 11-year-old girl from a favourite novel: 
we compose an image quickly, starkly; we trust the process and allow it to develop into the best of our minds' eyes.
At its core, of course, is that gut-feeling. That overarches the way we photograph weddings and families, too. Naturally, we communicate openly and carefully with our clients to ensure we capture all the necessary elements; beyond that, we put complete trust in our instinctive abilities to show the love and fun that is part of every wedding and family unit. And we always do just that. We don't use gimmicks; we give you an image of your wedding and family as it looks to the careful observer: the quiet glances, the hand squeezes, the kisses; the feel and warmth of human beings connecting with one another. 
Through our photography, we are dedicated to sharing only the beauty of the world as we see it and to capturing truthful, timeless and elegant images for the couples and families with whom we work.