Do you take family group photos?

Yes, I take 'formal' family photos - I enjoy taking these photos and place significance of their value as photos that will be long treasured. I ask you to make a list of the group photos you would like in advance of the wedding (around 10 works well) and we make a plan to fit this into the organisation of your day without either rushing or taking too long. 


Can you take a group photo of everybody?

Yes, I can! But I ask that an additional 15-20 minutes is factored into the organisation to do this properly. 


How do the couple photos work? 

Usually, after the ceremony and family photos there is a short break and then I work with the couple alone for 30-45mins to capture some beautiful couple portraits. This is usually the first a couple is 'alone' together after they are married and can be a very special time to take a pause and just enjoy being together after the hustle and bustle of the ceremony. My aim is for this session to be a fun and relaxing time, not something that 'takes away' from the day.